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What is Aptamer Base?

Aptamer Base is a collaboratively created and maintained knowledge base about aptamers. With Aptamer Base, you can browse, search for, and get detailed information about aptamers from the scientific literature. Aptamer Base takes advantage of the unique graph-based data structure of Freebase to enable programmatic querying and access to Aptamer Base data. Read more ...

How can I use Aptamer Base?

You can search and browse our data here. You can access Aptamer Base raw data directly via Freebase. If navigating the base is not enough for your needs, programmatic access to the data is also made available through Freebase's query editor.

How can I contribute to Aptamer Base?

Because it is built on Freebase, anyone (that's you!) can contribute to the Aptamer Base. We think this is one of its key features, and as such we invite you to help us by adding, curating and using information in Aptamer Base. Read more ...